incredible fun, including the Whitney Awards Gala. I still remember attending the gala when
Previously Engaged was a finalist. It’s so fun and fancy, and I loved meeting so many of my
favorite fellow authors! (I'm talking to you, Becca Wilhite!)

And don’t forget,
My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is still in bookstores and the movie starring the
lovely Alyssa Milano is on
Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon on-demand. I’ve got you this
season, my reading friends, I’ve got you. Have a marvelous March, an amazing April, and a
magnificent May!

And for more info and updates, visit me at my other homes on the web.


Until we meet again,

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Hello Hello,

Welcome to the website of author, book devourer, and Whole
Foods addict, Elodia Strain!

Spring is nearly here and the sunshine makes me think of lying on a
blanket in the grass reading a delicious book. Great news! The Icing
on the Cake is now at a fab price on

What’s just as exciting is that spring means it’s almost time for the
LDStorymakers Conference! I’ll be there signing books
and would love to see you! This year's conference is full of
March 2015